Borker Tauben

Top-class breeding pigeons from Germany

The best breeding Günter Prange colony from Germany!

Hello sports fans!

Our pigeon loft community consists of Hubert and son Jens Borker. We are very proud of our long lasting friendship with Günter Prange, Germany’s top-breeder. Since many years, we are getting young birds from his first-class breeding pigeons. These modern high-performance pigeons are considered to be the best all-round pigeons in Germany. And according to Günter Prange, we have the privilege to refer to us as his top proprietary breeding loft. 

Our own successful results and the strength of inheritance of our breeding in many popular lofts in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and others demonstrate that we are on the right track with our breeding system. 

Enjoy our homepage and – above all – the pleasure in our beautiful hobby, the breeding and racing of pigeons. 

Family Borker